How we work

Creating a Partnership Plan

Through conversations with teachers, school leaders and community members we evaluate each school's assets and aspirations and help create programs to serve the schools and communities involved. Creating and developing a partnership plan includes the following phases:


Wingspan examines existing community connections and explores new ones. We work with schools who:

  • Are launching programs and beginning to cultivate relationships with neighboring schools and community resources.
  • Already have connections, but need to assess the relevance and outcomes of their service learning programs.
  • Are intent on pioneering public-private school partnerships as an institutional orientation. 

Wingspan Partnerships' Public Purpose Audit assesses each school's current position and points the way to successful partnerships.


We help schools, school consortia, and educational foundation programs create a mission-driven, intentional public purpose partnership plan. At each stage, our team can help educators identify and build partnerships to leverage school assets and expand student and teacher learning.


Making it happen requires not only a good plan and strategy, but also the right support. Schools find support by connecting with each other and through ongoing dialogue with Wingspan. Drawing on our experience with a range of communities and public and private schools, we evaluate partnerships and provide continuing counsel.



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