"Wingspan Partnerships is challenging independent schools to be involved in education in a very different way. Wingspan helps others imagine a future in which every independent school in the country is partnered with the least resourced schools in their community, providing the space and time for citizens to encounter each other across the socio-economic divide, united by a common commitment to the best possible education for all their children. It is this idea of an independent school as a space for collaboration by citizens that reflects what Jefferson seemed to have in mind for education in our country. "
Chris Ellsasser, Director of Studies, Lawrence Academy, Groton, Massachusetts

Wingspan Partnerships narrows the education gap by developing and supporting partnerships between public and private schools.

We provide guidance to schools on several levels:

Making the case

We assist in developing a strong case for partnerships through presentations to board, parents, faculty, alumni, and community.


Creating a Plan

We evaluate your school's community relationships and current programs, and assess your neighborhood needs and opportunities for engaging in effective public-private school partnerships.


Making it happen

We help you shape, design, and implement strategic partnership initiatives that align with your mission, culture, and strategic plan.

Wingspan Partnerships is a non-profit organization. Our income comes from grants from committed donors and fees for service. While each partnership assumes responsibility for principal funding, we consult on fundraising strategies.


How We Work 

Audit and Support

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